Interior Designer Cristina Hadzi was deeply influenced by the art, culture, and soul of Rome where she was born and raised. Her father, renowned sculptor Dimitri Hadzi, had lived and worked there for 25 years. 

The ambiance of the Eternal City, with its abundant historical references combined with its strong visual imagery, inspired her sense of style and nurtured her artistic gifts.She is a former producer whose credits include a documentary film of the artist Willem de Kooning, and a special events consultant for Art Against AIDS and institutions such as the Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum.

Cristina opened her design firm in 1995 after apprenticeships with leading interior designers such as Robert Currie, 

Richard Keith Langham, and T. Keller Donovan. Through these professional associations she developed a strong belief in encouraging her clients to realize their own environmental requirements and expertly guides them in finding fluid, functional, and personalized solutions. Her love of juxtaposing periods and styles, unusual color combinations, luxurious fabrics and original materials is balanced with understanding that certain projects call for tailored simplicity and modern elegance as well. Her practice includes private residences in Manhattan, London, and Paris, and summer homes in the Hamptons and Connecticut.

Cristina received her B.A. in Art History at Boston University and her certification in Interior Design at Parsons School